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Ready-mix multipurpose filler

Wonder-Fill is a ready mixed, easy to use multipurpose, interior and exterior, which dries to a tough semi flexible, sand able and paintable surface with 101 uses around the home.

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• Wonder-Fill is suitable for repairing and filling gaps, cracks, holes and other blemishes on walls, floors, skirtings, ceilings, hollow core doors, door and window frames.
• Wonder-fill is an acrylic based filler which has excellent adhesive properties to almost all building substrates ( concrete, plaster, brick, paint, timber, masonite, plaster board and metal)
• Because of its adhesive properties Wonder-Fill can successfully be used as a tile adhesive for small repair work as well as replacing damaged window putty.
• For easier sanding of WONDER-FILL use a wet sponge sanding block for a quick and easy smooth finish.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 18.25 × 18.25 × 25.5 cm


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