Eurolux 15W CFL 3U Day/Night Sensor Lamp

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Eurolux 15W CFL 3U Day/Night Sensor Lamp

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• Lamp Type: CFL
• Shape: 3U
• Base: E27
• Watt: 15W
• Volt: 220V-240V
• Luminous Flux: 800lm
• Type: 3U Day/Night Sensor
• Colour Temp: 4000K (Cool White)
• Lamp Life Hours: 6000hrs
Additional Information:
The day-night sensor has a 20-30 second delay to allow the electronics to adjust to light conditions. It will also energize and de-energize during the first night of installation as it adjusts to conditions and sets its paraMeters. Ideal exterior applications include wall mounted and pillar lanterns – and periMeter bulkheads. These lamps are also excellent to use as security lights in entrance halls and table lamps. They are sensitive to seasons – unlike timers – so if you arrive home late – you can be can be confident that your day-night sensor will switch on at the appropriate time. Best suited for individual use in fittings with clear glass Lenses. Eurolux Day/Night Energy Savers are now fitted with adjustable caps. Fit lamp as normal and adjust the sensor outwards.

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Cool White


E27, B22


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